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August 18 2017

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August 17 2017

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August 15 2017

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August 14 2017

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Sup stinky

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August 12 2017

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August 11 2017

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August 09 2017

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August 08 2017

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a noodle dragon surveys his watery domain

I love pictures of Obie near the beach, he looks like the froth of an ocean wave that came to life

Perfect description!!

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This is Duke! He is very tall and an absolute weirdo with endless energy. He loves people and gets compliments on how handsome he is everywhere we go πŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•
He has his own Instagram - @dukethelurcher !

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August 07 2017

August 06 2017

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August 05 2017

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